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Masakatsu KIYOSU Lab.
The University of Electro-Communications


This laboratory is mainly responsible for human resources development for data science in national projects. And promoting the improvement of science and technology through partnership.


Masakatsu KIYOSU. Founder at Technology Co. I graduated from The University of Electro-Communications. I started company that computer network system of information and communication technology from the technical side on works. Assistant Professor at The University of Electro-Communications. Visiting Research Fellow at Artificial Intelligence eXploration Research Center.
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Special: Computer Science
Research: Data Science, Science and Technology


W3C HTML5 Japanese Community Group, Participants, 2018/2/8 -
The Japanese Society for Artificial Intelligence, 2016/4/1 -
Internet Society Japan Chapter, 2015/12/14 -
Information Processing Society of Japan, 2014/3/28 -
- Computer Science SIG on Quantum Software, 2021/4/1 -
The Japan DataScientist Society, 2013/10/15 -
IPv6 Promotion Council, 2013/3/21 -


Data Entrepreneur Consortium Committee and Council, 2017/10/1 -
Data Entrepreneur Program Committee and Council, 2015/6/1 - 2020/3/31


GHOST IN THE SHELL REALIZE PROJECT, Technical Adviser, 2015/4/1 - 2020/3/31
Internet Association Japan, Internet Advisor, 2009/9/1 - 2019/12/31


Special Award, The 1st Cool Japan Matching Award, Cabinet Office, 2017/2/16
Megurokai Award, Alumni association of UEC, 2015/3/25
Megurokai Award, Alumni association of UEC, 2015/3/25
Student Encouragement Award, IPSJ, 2015/3/18
Excellent Student Award, UEC, 2014/3/24


"Data Science Theory"
Data Science Extra Lecture, 2020/10/1 - 2020/11/30
Optical Science Young Research Group in Kanto, 2019/11/9
Data Science Extra Lecture, 2018/9/3 - 2018/9/28
Data Entrepreneur Practical Theory, 2017/10/7
Data Entrepreneur Practical Theory, 2016/10/5

"Sony Neural Network Console"
Data Science Extra Lecture, 2019/11/2


"Human Data Principles", The 6th Data Entrepreneur Conference, 2021/2/5
"Engineering of Data Computing", The 5th Data Entrepreneur Conference, 2019/6/19
"Evolution of Internet of Bodies", The 3rd Internet of Medical Things Summit, 2018/12/8
"Internet Connectivity Principles", UEC 100th Anniversary The 4th Data Entrepreneur Conference, 2018/7/13
"Human Resources Development of Data Science", NetLearning Inc. 20th Anniversary Education and Learning Fair, 2018/2/22
"Human Resources Development of Data Science", The 1st Juntendo Medical Investment Conference, 2018/1/20
"Human Resources of Data Science for Business", DataScientist Society 4th Symposium, 2017/10/23
"Cyber Security Literacy Principles", The 3rd Data Entrepreneur Conference, , 2017/9/9
"Data Science and Artificial Intelligence", The 2nd Data Entrepreneur Conference, 2016/9/24


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IoMT | Medical Review | Amazon


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Data Entrepreneur Fellows Program, Doctoral program for Data-Related Innovation Expert, MEXT
MEXT D-DRIVE | DEFP | DATA-I (Data Analytics Training Architecture based Infrastracture) | DSL (Data Science Library) | DEC (Data Entrepreneur Conference) | YouTube

Data Entrepreneur Program, Donated Course to University, SEI Group CSR Foundation


International Security Conference CODE BLUE
CODE BLUE 2019, 2019/10/29 - 2019/10/30
CODE BLUE 2018, 2018/10/29 - 2018/11/2
CODE BLUE 2017, 2017/11/7 - 2017/11/10


1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo 182-8585
The University of Electro-Communications
Room No.203, Building No.7, East Area